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What other abundant clients are discovering.

  • I came to Sound Therapy feeling stuck and grieving… My sound therapy sessions have been helping me break through the cocoon. During my first session with Jen I felt like I was wrapped in a blanket of comfort; being hugged from my soul in it’s purest form.”

  • “I highly recommend this work as a beautiful and unique way of healing.”

  • “Jennifer’s work is magical AND logical.  I cannot recommend it enough!”  

  • Between my childish grin from ear to ear and the tears in my eyes from such a special and sacred time, I wanted to think you for your hand in it.

    Kate C.
  • “During my first session with Jen and her bowls and Gong I felt like I was being wrapped in a blanket and comforted; it was like a hug from my soul, self love in it’s purest form I think.”

    Char E.
  • “Currents of Curiosity and Courage is pure magic!  Whether you want to center your mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual self, this is the CD for you! Thank you, Jennifer, for your amazing work and this loving gift you have put out in the world. I look forward to more CDs from you in the future.”

    Thumper Donnelly Medium + Clairvoyant
  • Jennifer did an excellent job bringing me into the space of the room, helping me set my intentions for the session and supporting me throughout our time together. During this session, I felt very calm and tuned into myself. I was able to let my minds chatter quiet and allow my body to absorb the […]

    Jenn Hartner
  • “The sounds that the bowls fill the room and my own consciousness and body, deeply beautiful and haunting.”

  • “Sessions with Jennifer instill a deep sense of peace and relaxation that lasts long after the physical vibrations have ceased.”

    Lauren Scott Yoga Instructor, Dallas, Texas
  • “My cells feel as though they have vibrated into motion…This experience has been profound.”

  • “I am excited to share my own wisdom with others and realize I can dive deep into my own ‘woo’ to really bring out my intuition. I absolutely love my custom-tailored sound recording from Jennifer and use it everyday!”

  • “I experienced a substantial increase in focus and clarity throughout my entire day leading me to generate thousands of dollars in extra revenue! I have been able to concentrate and fully sit in the seat of a true entrepreneur.”

  • “Jennifer has an obvious gift and her incredible knowledge of the healing capabilities of the bowls translates immediately.  Sessions with her instill a deep sense of peace and relaxation that lasts long after the physical vibrations have ceased.”    

    Lauren Scott
  • “Sound Therapy with Jennifer is a wonderful experience. The sounds that the bowls make fill the room and your own consciousness and body, and are often deeply beautiful and haunting. Jennifer is a warm and reassuring guide and expert player of the bowls. The overall experience is deeply relaxing and promotes positive introspection.”

    Thomas M.
  • “I was able to launch a high-level offering I’d been planning for months, bringing in enough revenue to easily triple my investment in my session with you, in only a few days.”

    Helen Hunter Mackenzie CEO, Hunter Mackenzie Group