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Looking to gain crystal-clarity and focus?  The Sound Of Your Significance Podcast Show will give you the tools and inspiration to open up space and freedom to not only accomplish what you desire in your life and business, but FEEL powerful and peaceful while doing it.

I am Certified Sound Healer, Tibetan Bowl Instructor, and Aromatherapy Practitioner.

Through the art of sound healing, aromatherapy and vibration I learned to calm the chaos of life and achieve freedom and a clarified purpose of helping others.

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The Sound Of Your Significance will inspire and motivate you with in-depth, practical knowledge and magical interviews with some of the top leaders in the field of sound healing, aromatherapy, alternative healing, holistic healing and science, as well as powerful, high-vibrational women who help others manifest positive change and peaceful abundance.

My mission is to help YOU create quantum change in your business + life, using ancient tools applied in the modern world and thriving on science based research.

Looking to up-level and elevate your personal power?  Look no further.  With the insights and knowledge you gain from each episode you will raise your vibration, as well as discover a calm and wisdom to attract the good life.  Start listening today!

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